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“Perevod Russia” has huge experience in translation for enterprises and individuals. We offer high-quality translation into different languages for moderate prices.


Interpreters are charged with a noble mission – they help people from different countries to understand each other and to reach mutually beneficial agreements.

There are different types of interpretation. Consecutive interpretation is difficult and demanding type of work. Such interpretation means that the speaker pauses after several phrases allowing the interpreter to translate his words. The pause may last either some seconds or some minutes. Even more difficult type of interpretation is simultaneous interpretation, when the speech is made without any pauses and the interpreter has no time to think the words over. Such method is usually used during different international meetings, when every participant has special earphones to hear the translated information. Interpretation may also look like a bilateral talk. It is when two persons speak different languages and there is one interpreter to translate the words of each of them by turns. The main difficulty is that in such case the interpreter has to switch quickly between the two languages. Interpretation services also include interpretation at sight, when the translation is performed while reading without preparatory familiarization with the text. Our company is ready to offer all these types of interpretation. You will definitely be satisfied with the quality of the services and professionalism of our interpreters. We are sure that you will address our company again!