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“Perevod Russia” has huge experience in translation for enterprises and individuals. We offer high-quality translation into different languages for moderate prices.

Consecutive Interpretation

It’s well-known that our company offer different types of translations, for example, oral and written.

Nevertheless, the most demanded form of interpretation is a consecutive one. It’s a type of oral interpretation where spoken words are translated in the target language as soon as the speaker finishes speaking. The interpretation should be approximately equal in length to the original speech.

Consecutive interpretation is appropriate for a number of different settings:

-         business negotiations

-         telephone negotiations

-         Exhibitions, presentations

-         Seminars, meetings

There is no doubt, an interpreter’s work is really difficult and requires particular treatment. So our interpreters are always prepared as early as possible, for example, a week before a conference, a few hours before a conversation. Secondly, they easily take the information and translate it correctly.

We wish to draw your attention that our high-qualified interpreters have exceptional linguistic and interpersonal skills that allow them to carry out their interpretation without interrupting the proceedings. To say nothing that the client who once ordered consecutive interpretation becomes our regular customer and recommends our company to friends and partners. It testifies high quality of services rendered by our company.

We are looking forward to having new orders, because working with people goes down a treat to us.